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Bad Aunt

August 22, 2012

I was recently just taking it easy when my youngest sister gave me a call.  We were chatting away as we can do for hours, when she dropped the hint it was my nieces birthday the next day.  Well since I live in another state and would have to mail my nieces card, I made a mental note to send the card in the morning.  Better late then never, right?  Now I admit and my family knows this, I have a horrible memory for the last couple of years.  I have to make lists and lots of sticky notes keep me on track.   With that said, I failed to send the card as planned and it only popped into my head a while back.  I’m now frantic and embarrassed for not being just a day or two late for my birthday wishes to my niece, I’m over a week late.  I can’t just send her some belated birthday card from the store, I have to dig deep and make it special.  I’m sorry Bailey.  Aunt Holly will do better next year.  I updated my calender with a better reminder.   I hope you liked your card and I love you.

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