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Looking out a dirty window

I was relaxing on the sofa with a morning coffee and my best buddy Willy (my Yorkshire terrier) in the sun room.  Willy was napping by my side and I was looking out the sun room windows letting thoughts wander around  aimlessly, when I noticed a large smudge on the window.  Focusing my mind and my sight on the smudge I noticed how dirty my windows were in my sun room.  My main windows of the sun room are about 6’x6′ large giving an unobstructed view of the back yard.  My next thought was how much I hate cleaning windows and all the fuss and mess it will make.  If I clean the outside which isn’t so hard, I would have to clean the inside and it is a half day task which involved moving furniture.  I was debating if I was willing to get that involved when I saw the flit of a hummingbird at the feeder.  The hummingbird feeder is outside the sun room so that we can enjoy them.  I watched as the hummingbird flitted about, trying to decide if it should hover or land.  Up,down, left, right it flitted. I grabbed my camera hoping to get a snapshot so that I could hold on to the memory longer than a moment.  All my attention was now focused on getting a picture of the hummingbird flying around the feeder to get its morning treat.  When I finally viewed my photos, my windows didn’t look that dirty.  So thank you for visiting this morning my little friend and reminding me I can still see beauty through dirty windows.


Bad Aunt

I was recently just taking it easy when my youngest sister gave me a call.  We were chatting away as we can do for hours, when she dropped the hint it was my nieces birthday the next day.  Well since I live in another state and would have to mail my nieces card, I made a mental note to send the card in the morning.  Better late then never, right?  Now I admit and my family knows this, I have a horrible memory for the last couple of years.  I have to make lists and lots of sticky notes keep me on track.   With that said, I failed to send the card as planned and it only popped into my head a while back.  I’m now frantic and embarrassed for not being just a day or two late for my birthday wishes to my niece, I’m over a week late.  I can’t just send her some belated birthday card from the store, I have to dig deep and make it special.  I’m sorry Bailey.  Aunt Holly will do better next year.  I updated my calender with a better reminder.   I hope you liked your card and I love you.

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